Bio Hazard Cleaning Services

Compro Cleaning and Restoration has been offering bio hazard cleaning services in Calgary and surrounding areas since 1991. Our certified and licensed project managers and technicians are qualified to return dwellings to a healthy state for any situation requiring bio hazard cleaning.  Some examples of bio hazard cleaning would include:

  • Sewer damage and river flooding. (IICRC Certified)
  • Mold Remediation. (IICRC Certified)
  • Asbestos Abatement. (IICRC Certified)
  • Trauma and Crime Scene Cleaning. (IICRC Certified)
  • Blood Pathogen Cleaning. (IICRC Certified)
  • Decomposing Cleaning and Decontamination. (IICRC Certified)
  • Virus Outbreak Cleaning. (norovirus, influenza, swine flu ect.)
  • Cleaning After Illegal grow operations. (Clearance required by A.H.S.)

24 Hour Emergency Response Protocall:

Step 1

When you contact Compro Cleaning and Restoration’s main phone # (403-289-7008) you will be connected with a live person – one of our experienced certified project managers. This initial conversation helps us understand the scope of the project and assures you of our professionalism, compassion and confidentiality.

Step 2

We then set up an appointment to visit the site and dependent of the urgency we may also dispatch one of our certified technicians. Average response time in Calgary is usually within an hour. Our project manager arrives for an on-site assessment that will determine the best course of action that will be implemented. Based upon the cleaning category of the biohazard service required, Compro’s qualified technician and staff are instructed on the protocol, procedures and personal protection equipment required.

Step 3

Compro’s project manager will consult with you as to the details, technical advice, duration of service and follow up visits, additional instruction, advice and written authorization to perform the service as well as invoicing and payment terms. Compro’s project manager will estimate the trips required to complete this specialty service, schedule appointments at your convenience and visit the site during workmanship. We take care to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the final results.


The following is a list of services available for specialty bio hazard cleaning services.

  • IICRC certified management and technicians.
  • High Powered Cleanco truck mounted units.
  • Steam pressure washing in conjunction with vacuum recovery system.
  • Health and safety certification. (IICRC)
  • Demo equipment, storage facilities and storage pods.
  • Specialty containment chambers to isolate Bio Hazard materials.
  • Hepa vacuum cleaning units both portable and truck mounted
  • Air scrubbers with hepa triple filtration units.
  • Hydroxyl air purification units: Mother nature’s environmental air

We also offer:

  • Air quality testing – 3rd party certified laboratory.
  • Surface swab testing – 3rd party certified laboratory.
  • Journeymen (red seal) carpenters for reconstruction services.
  • Project Manager on every project.
  • Clean bill of health certificates and report for future reference and disclosure.

Compro Cleaning and Restoration is an IICRC Certified firm and has an excellent track record with the Better Business Bureau and Workers Compensation Board. We also carry Bio Hazard cleaning services with liability insurance coverage with Lloyds of London. All of our workmanship abides by industry and insurance standards and complies with Alberta Health Services guidelines.