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How To Clean Your Gutters

LeavesAutumn is Here and that Means it’s Almost Time to Clean Those Gutters!

Built up debris and the trees losing all their leaves causes clogged gutters and that poses a problem for not only your landscape, but your homes foundation.  You will end up spending thousands to save your foundation, or you can follow these simple steps to clean out your gutters before the water begins over flowing out of your gutters and out your down spout.

Since you should aim to clean your gutters once a year, we propose that you choose the time when fall is transitioning into winter that way you clean up most of the leaves and leftover debris as possible.

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What To Do After A Flood

billionphotos-1198976You've Had a Flood in Your House, So What's Next?

Floods are detrimental to both nature and civilization, but they happen quite often whether we like it or not, so the next action to take is deal with the damage and make the area habitable right away.

If the flood was serious enough to cause you to leave your home or business, you need to take extreme caution upon returning after the flood. Do not return home until the authorities have given the go-ahead to do so.

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The History Of Asbestos

billionphotos-1866423The History Of Asbestos

The first uses of asbestos are thought originate around 4000 BC, where it was used by many different cultures from around the world. The uses of this multi-purpose element stretch from candles and lamps to embalmment wrap and adding strength and heat-resistance to clay pots.

Fireproof Tablecloths – The Invention of The 8th Century

One of the more interesting ancient uses of this material originated in 755AD, when France King Charlemagne requested a tablecloth to be made of these fire-resistant fibres. The asbestos tablecloths saved the wooden tables from burning during celebrations and feasts at the royal castle (which apparently happened all to frequently).

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House Cleaning With Your Kids

billionphotos-2705684Have the Kids Join in on the Cleaning Fun!

It has been a wonderful summer here in Calgary. So wonderful, in fact, that it seems like a shame to waste any time indoors cleaning. If you’ve found your list of things to-do ever-growing, you’re not alone! How can you possibly be motivated to stay inside and clean while the sun is shining and the garden is growing?  

We say, put those kids to work!

Before it’s time for them to start school again, take their seemingly endless bouts of energy and put it to use by teaching them how to help with basic house cleaning chores. Not only will it save you time and energy, it will also teach your kids to respect the work that you do day in and day out. Bonus: if you can get them excited about helping Mom, they may even continue helping after school starts!

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How To Get Rid of Tough Toilet Stains

cleaning chemicalsGet Rid of Toilet Stains With These Simple Products

Whether you’ve just moved to a place with stubbornly stained toilets or you’ve fallen back on your household chores, toilet stains are one of the less-favourable chores that must be done on a routine basis.

In Calgary, hard water can take its toll on everything that it comes into contact with – faucets, toilets, sinks. Often, the toughest stains are found in toilets, where water constantly sits. And while there are many commercial products that claim to cut through these tough hard-water stains, you may have noticed that is not always the case. Even the most expensive toilet bowl cleaners might leave behind a noticeable layer of scum that no amount of scrubbing will penetrate.

Surprisingly (or not!), the best options for these tough stains are common household products. Safe and non-toxic, they are always incredibly effective and cheap!

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Why You Should Clean Your Home on a Regular Basis

white kitchen

The Benefits Of Keeping A Clean Home

Cleaning your home is a task that can sometime feel overwhelming. When you look at the messes that need to be tackled, you may not know where to start. The easiest way to make cleaning your house seem like less of a chore is to regularly keep it clean. The fewer messes that have time to accumulate, the less you’ll need to clean up at once.


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Toxic Household Cleaning Products

billionphotos-822868Keep You & Your Pets Safe - Beware Of These Common Household Cleaning Products

It may seem impossible to avoid chemicals these days. They are in our food, our hygiene products and of course, our cleaning products. Despite our best efforts to live “green”, we face an enormous amount of chemicals each day.

This is even worse for pets, who spend most of their days rolling around on the ground and sticking their noses in conspicuous places, especially if they are left to roam freely at home while you are out and about. It's up to us, as petowners, to make sure we keep our beloved friends safe and healthy. If you have a dog or a cat (or perhaps something more exotic, like a pig?), you’ve likely worried about the safety of your home. You probably try to keep your garbage sealed and the floor free of potential hazards (socks and shoes, mainly!). But sometimes the danger remains invisible.

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