Carpet Cleaning Services in Calgary


Commercial Carpet Cleaning & Residential Carpet Cleaning

Industry studies clearly show that a carpeted environment in commercial facilities plays an important role in the quality of indoor air. Carpeting will act as a filter and trap a wide variety of unwanted substances. Simple foot traffic can render small particles airborne and create a negative effect on indoor air. Properly removing these unwanted substances will contribute towards a healthy indoor environment. Routine vacuuming with proper equipment is the key factor towards keeping a carpeted environment free of most debris, however, the facility will require carpet cleaning services to maintain a healthy environment and attractive appearance. Compro Cleaning and Restoration offers many different options with our commercial carpet cleaning service.


We restore your carpets to feel like new for less than our competitors

When regular carpet care has been neglected, restorative cleaning is the only solution. Unfortunately, restorative cleaning services for your home can be expensive. Our company can clean your soiled carpets for less.

We won’t try to replace your carpet when we can restore it for less

Heavily soiled carpets may look like they need replacement especially in high traffic areas. Compro’s commercial carpet cleaning services can often restore carpets in that condition avoiding costly replacement and extend the life of your carpet. We utilize an aggressive multi-step system for this type of cleaning which will extend the life and appearance of your carpet.

We only sell you what you need to leave your home looking like new

We won’t try to upsell you any extras that your carpet doesn’t need. Our trained team quickly analyzes any carpeted mess, and suggests the best approach to solving your problem.

Your carpet will be as good as new with our professional machines and carpet cleaning solutions

Our carpet cleaners use rotary shampoo and hot water extraction to get your stains out. Our professional grade machines use a combination of premium cleaning solutions and proper carpet fiber agitation to achieve fantastic results.

We only use premium grade tools to leave your home looking and feeling fresh

Our team is dedicated to completing a great job from start to finish. Whether your carpet needs an aggressive vacuum job, or a special scrub with our safe extracting chemicals, we only use the best to give you the best results. Our services also include proper drying techniques, so you aren’t left with a soggy mess.

We complete a free restoration test on a small surface area to determine if your carpet can be restored or needs replacing

Some clients show us carpets that have received inadequate care for a very long time. It’s not always clear if a restoration or a replacement is better for some homes. If our team of professional cleaners is unsure about a carpet restoration job, we will perform a free test on a small area. The small area tested will give our cleaners a good idea of how successful a full carpet restoration would be for a borderline job.

We offer free residential carpet consultations to all Calgary homeowners

We want our clients to feel comfortable with the services we provide. Good, clean carpeting says a lot about a home. Rather than forcing our clients into services they might not need, we provide complimentary carpet consultations before getting started on any job. Our cleaners need to know exactly what they’re dealing with before they arrive on site.


Periodic cleaning helps maintain your home’s value

Clean houses are valuable houses, so we want to keep your home clean. We remove nasty stains, discolouration, and dirt from your carpets and area rugs. A clean carpet is a long-lasting carpet in any home. Let us bring new life to your old carpets!

We set up regular carpet cleanings to keep your home looking fresh

At the very minimum we strongly recommend that commercial carpets be periodically cleaned by a professional. Our team keeps your home looking fresh from the carpet up. Aside from professional carpet maintenance, we offer residential maid services.

We offer preventative services, so you won’t pay extra for stain removal

Do you have messy kids or pets? Our team can apply home-safe stain protection coatings to your carpets, so you won’t have to pay more later. Stain removals can be a pain on your budget and your time. Our protective coating saves time and money between regularly scheduled carpet cleanings.

Our products are safe, and fast-acting, so they are perfect for residential carpets

With periodic cleaning services, there may be some tough-to-remove stains and unwanted dirt. We understand that residential carpet cleaning is different from commercial carpet cleaning. Your family, and their safety, is important to our cleaners, so we don’t use unsafe chemicals on your carpets. We also want your carpets to be as clean as possible, as fast as possible. We only use the safest and most efficient chemicals in your home.


We take care of your carpet now, so you don’t have to pay to replace it later

Industry experts including carpet manufacturers have long concluded that a strategic ongoing carpet maintenance program is the ultimate option to preserve the life and appearance of commercial indoor carpeted environments. Our certified project managers and technicians will assist you in establishing a maintenance program providing you with a worry free service. This includes monthly inspections and spot cleaning by our project manager as well as free emergency spot cleaning for those mishaps.

Our team of professional cleaners can clean your home around your schedule

Client comfort is key to our success as residential cleaners. With our ongoing carpet care program, we can provide your family with super clean surroundings, with minimal disruption. We can build a cleaning routine around your schedule.

We offer various cleaning packages, so you can pick the perfect fit to keep your home clean

We know that different houses, and different carpets, require different types of care. We offer various carpet cleaning packages custom fit to your home and budget. There is no “one-size-fits-all” for our professional carpet cleaning services.

Our cleaning team is background checked, so you can rest assured that your family and home is safe

Our team undergoes an intensive interview and training process that includes lengthy background checks, so you don’t have to worry about who is working in your home. We want all of our clients to feel confident with our team and services. Homeowners can choose to remain in the house through certain services, but may be asked to leave for more intense cleanings.

Our ongoing carpet care program promises fast-drying services, and great results

We understand that you can’t keep your family off of your carpets for days at a time while our team completes their work. We complete jobs efficiently and effectively, including fast-drying finishes, so your family can enjoy your freshly cleaned carpets straight away.

An ongoing carpet care program will improve the indoor air quality creating a healthy workspace

Most people don’t know how many thousands of germs live in our carpets. These germs can pollute your home’s air quality. Regular cleaning minimizes the risk of poor indoor air quality, therefore the health of your family. We will work with you to suggest the best program to fit your needs and budget.

Our team is fully certified and insured, so you can’t be affected financially in the case of an accident

When you choose Compro for your residential cleaning requirements you can rest assured that our team is certified and bonded. We also provide our WCB clearance, insurance policy and we have an A+ rating with the BBB.


We even clean upholstery, so you don’t have to shop around

Let us become your one-stop, fabric-cleaning shop for your home. Fabric furnishings such as office chairs, office couch and arm chair and fabric wall dividers should be periodically cleaned. We have the equipment and all the fine detailed tools and accessories to clean these furnishings even in the hard to reach areas. That’s right, our team can clean virtually any surface in your home!

All area rugs are a breeze to clean for our trained team


Is your cozy area rug covered in stains? No problem! Our carpet cleaning services include careful care of area rugs of all styles, fabrics and sizes.