Smoke & Fire Damage Restoration in Calgary and Surrounding Areas: Airdrie; Chestermere; Cochrane and Okotoks


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Fire and smoke damage in a home or a business can be quite devastating. When fire occurs in a dwelling you are faced with immediate damage where the fire occurred as well as residual damage created by smoke which permeates throughout the structure affecting all construction materials and contents. Successful restoration of a property after fire damage and successfully removing residual smoke, soot and odors requires trained professionals. The certified trained professionals at Compro Cleaning and Restoration have the experience to restore a property which has suffered fire and smoke damage returning the dwelling as if it never happened.

Restoration Companies CalgaryRestoration Companies CalgaryRestoration Companies Calgary

Detailed, Meticulous Fire Damage Restoration For Fast & Effective Recovery

When you contact Compro Restoration Services following fire and smoke damage you are in touch with our certified project manager who will provide you with valuable information and arrange for a site visit to assess the damage. During this initial visit we would perform the following:

  • Commence evaluation and provide an insurance ready damage assessment report including video and photographs, document preliminary emergency services required and obtain work authorization
  • Ensure that the dwelling is safe for workmanship. This would include boarding up any damaged exterior windows, doors or walls which have been damaged by the fire. This would also include ensuring that the site is structurally sound for workmanship and ensure that all electrical components are safe.
  • Once the dwelling has been deemed safe, commence emergency restoration services which would include extraction of water, document, photograph, remove and dispose of non salvable construction materials, flooring and contents directly affected by the fire.
  • Initialize drying procedures utilizing industrial dehumidifiers and air movers.
  • Initialize primary air purification and odor removal utilizing triple filter H.E.P.A. air scrubbing units in conjunction with Hydroxyl Technology.
  • Assess, photograph and document all secondary affected surfaces by smoke and soot including all structures and contents.
  • All affected contents and furnishings would be inventoried, photographed and removed from dwelling to be taken to Compro Plant for cleaning, sanitizing and odor removal. Note that our clients are welcome to visit Compro plant during this process. Contents which cannot be saved would be placed aside for insurance evaluation.
  • Once salvable contents are cleaned and odor has been removed the contents and furnishings would be protected and moved to a secondary Compro warehouse while workmanship continues in the dwelling.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing of secondary affected areas in the dwelling would consist of manual and mechanical cleaning methods utilizing appropriate tools, accessories and cleaning solution depending on the fire source.   
  • Evaluate and assess smoke and soot damage in secondary areas such as attic space and determine which action is required. Evaluate the state of the insulation to determine if it can be saved or otherwise require replacement.
  • Clean and sanitize furnace and all air ducts as well as A/C units and dehumidifiers.
  • Once the entire dwelling has been cleaned and all odors have been successfully removed we would now offer our reconstruction services. This would include walls, doors, windows, cabinets, flooring, roofing, siding and all other affected structural components.
  • Arrange to have all contents which have been cleaned returned to dwelling.

At Compro Cleaning and Restoration we take a very thorough, meticulous approach to smoke and fire damage restoration Calgary. Our knowledgeable IICRC trained restoration project managers and technicians combined with our 30 years of experience offering this service will bring you peace of mind when disaster strikes. We provide ongoing communication and reporting as well as work closely with your insurance company to render the dwelling to pre-loss condition as rapidly as possible.