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Affordable Furnace & Duct Cleaning

We can customize our move cleaning services to satisfy your cleaning needs and match your budget. Our commitment to customer satisfaction means that we listen to what the client wants first and then give them exactly what they want.


ComPro Starts With a Detailed “Move Out Cleaning Checklist” Assessment

We start with an in-depth assessment of your needs that get added to our work order checklist to make sure that we are all aware of the scope of the work to be performed.

Once our staff has finished cleaning everything, their supervisor will perform ComPro’s final inspection and review our “Checklist” to make sure that they haven’t missed anything.

We Check Each Item So That You Know Exactly What We’ve Done



  • Kitchen Checklist

ü  Stove

ü  Fridge

ü  Cupboards

ü  Floor

ü  Walls

ü  Windows


  • Bathroom Checklist

ü  Floor

ü  Rugs

ü  Sink

ü  Tub

ü  Walls

ü  Windows



  • Living Room Checklist

ü  Carpet

ü  Floor

ü  Furniture

ü  Lamps

ü  Rugs

ü  TV



Customized to Your Schedule

Whether you want us there weekdays or weekends, morning, afternoon or hight, we'll be there on your schedule and on time!