Furnace and Duct Cleaning Services in Calgary and Surrounding Areas: Airdrie; Chestermere; Cochrane; and Okotoks

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Breathe Easy With Effective Furnace & Duct Cleaning That Eliminates Airborne Dust Particles & Allergens

Take comfort knowing that we don't just clean your heating system from the outside, we make sure to go deep down into the system to remove all of the tiny particles that get trapped. Thorough duct cleaning can improve indoor air quality and lessen the frequency with which you dust your home.

Fast Response For Those Emergency Situations

When your furnace needs cleaning, we do our very best to get out there as fast as humanely possible. With Calgary's weather, you certainly don't want to be waiting around for days for an HVAC technician to come replace your filter and clean out your ducts. ComPro gets your furnace back to normal in no time!

Clean, Courteous Technicians Who Respect You & Your Home

Our furnace cleaning technicians are friendly and respectable and are WCB covered for your comfort and safety. ComPro's high standards of quality and safety are rigidly met by our technicians with each job, as verified after completion by our certified site inspector. You'll always feel comfortable with our workers in your home.

Flexibility Means We Customize Service To Your Schedule

We understand the inconvenience of having contractors in your home, and with the negative reputation that HVAC technicians have gained with regards to their punctuality, we aim to re-instill faith in homeowners. That's why we make your schedule a priority for us. Whether you want us there weekdays or weekends, morning, afternoon or night, we'll be there on your schedule and on time! 

Lower Hydro Bills With A Well-Maintained Heating System

Your furnace is the heart of your home, and when it gets clogged with dust and dirt it works overtime. This means that not only will your hydro bills sky-rocket, but you also will not be able to enjoy the level of comfort that you are accustomed to. When your furnace needs cleaning, give ComPro a call. Our services will return your furnace to tip-top shape so it can run at its' highest efficiency, saving you money and keeping you and your family warm and cozy.

ComPro Starts With a Detailed “Furnace and Duct Cleaning Checklist” Assessment to Ensure That You Know In Advance Exactly What You're Paying For

We start with an in-depth assessment of your furnace and ducts that get added to our work order checklist to make sure that we are all aware of the scope of the work to be performed. Once our staff has finished cleaning your furnace and all of your ducts, our supervisor will perform ComPro’s final inspection and review our “Checklist” to make sure that we haven’t missed anything.

Customizable Furnace Services To Fit Your Needs and Budget

We can customize our furnace and duct cleaning services to satisfy your needs and match your budget. Whether you are looking for a full system clean or to get just a few of your vents cleaned, we are able and willing to accommodate your every need. Our commitment to customer satisfaction means that we listen to what the client wants first and then give them exactly what they want.

Our Furnace Cleaning Calgary Experts Ensure Your Heating System Gets The Care & Attention It Needs

Our furnace technicians are highly skilled in the art of heating and are able to efficiently and effectively clean your furnace and ducts while simultaneously answering any of your questions. You can rest easy knowing that you will receive the most comprehensive furnace cleaning Calgary has to offer.