Furniture & Upholstery Cleaning

Affordable & Customized Furniture & Upholstery Cleaning to Match Your Budget

ComPro's long list of services includes upholstery cleaning for both residential and commercial clients.

We restore your fabric furniture to new, for less.

Regular wear and tear leaves our favourite furniture looking ragged and old. Let ComPro restore your furniture to new, while staying in your budget. You have options like deep cleaning the existing fabric, or choosing new fabrics altogether. Different materials and services suit different budgets.

We won’t try to replace your fabric, when we can clean it for less.

ComPro cares about their customers. Oftentimes, the existing fabric is what makes an old armchair extra special. We want to leave our customers satisfied with the work we have done, so we do what we can to clean your fabric if you are hoping to keep it the same. Our upholstery team won’t try to up-sell you a replacement service when cleaning is good enough for your specific job.

We only sell you what you need.

Our upholstery team is trustworthy and transparent. They will explain each step of their restoration or fabric cleaning process, so that you feel comfortable with their plan of action. ComPro does not want to sell you anything you don’t need.

Your furniture will be as good as new with our professional team and quality products on the job.

Our upholstery team uses on the best products available to clean and upholster your favourite furniture. We can remove or cover up all nasty stains, tears and scuffs.

We create custom pieces from old furniture.

At ComPro, we look at furniture as artwork. When we are repairing or replacing your old pieces, we want them to look their best. Our team takes extra care with every piece, so you will receive beautiful results. We can customize any details, including buttons, trims and piping.

We provide free consultations to potential clients looking for an expert opinion.

ComPro wants you, our potential client, to feel confident with your decision to choose us for your upholstery needs. We offer free consultations to anyone looking for an expert opinion. Our upholstery team boasts years of experience, and a unique flair for customer service, so you can rest assured that we will only suggest the best.

We will save you time because we can fix all of your furniture woes.

We can do the little jobs, like give your cushions a new life, fix padding that’s sticking out, and reseal loose seams, alongside our more intensive services like deep cleaning and replacements. We can work with all types of fabrics, including leather, vinyl, and outdoor materials. We even do interior spaces of mobile homes and trailers. You won’t have to bring your pieces to another shop after we’re finished with it because we can do it all!

We work with residential and commercial clients in Calgary & surrounding areas.

Our upholstery team can breathe new life into any old piece. We can even work with cars, buses and boats for both commercial and personal uses. Our entire team is fully trained with years of experience behind them to confidently tackle any job.

Our flexible team can even help you on short notice.

Is your favourite armchair tearing at the seams? You have family visiting and want them to be impressed with your new home? Bring us your old furniture for any touch ups or repairs, and we will complete them as fast as possible. Your furniture will be show-ready in no time!

We complete work efficiently and effectively because reputation is important to ComPro.

Our business is built on our great reputation. Between all of the services we offer, we always maintain that customer service and customer satisfaction are our driving forces. We want you to be happy with the service or product we provide. As for upholstery, we want you to trust that our team will produce fantastic results.

We guarantee customer satisfaction.

We strive to offer the most detailed furniture cleaning Calgary has to offer. If you aren’t happy with the results of our upholstery project, we will keep trying until we give you what you want. We want your furniture to look its absolute best.

Customized to Your Schedule

Whether you want us there weekdays or weekends, morning, afternoon or night, we'll be there on your schedule and on time!