Janitorial Office Cleaning in Calgary and Surrounding Areas: Airdrie; Chestermere; Cochrane; and Okotoks

Affordable, Customized Janitorial Services to Match Your Budget

ComPro’s trained team of janitorial cleaners meets with you to set clear guidelines, so your office will be cleaned to your standards every time.

Our janitorial cleaners want to satisfy your commercial cleaning needs every time we visit. By setting up a customized cleaning checklist with our clients, all of our staff are aware of the work expected. After we have agreed we check each item, so you know exactly what we have done.

Our customized checklist proves that you are paying for only what you need.

When we set up a customized checklist with our clients, we ensure that they understand exactly where their money is going. We want to be upfront and honest with our clients at all times. You'll never find yourself paying for services that you didn't need or want. A client can ask to see a completed checklist at any time.

We offer a variety of commercial cleaning packages to fit any budget.

ComPro works with your wallet in mind. We don’t charge you for anything you don’t need, or can’t necessarily afford on a regular basis. Because we create a customized cleaning checklist with every new client, we can offer you affordable prices within your budget.

Our supervisors double-check the work of our cleaners, so the job will be done right the first time.

We guarantee that you won’t have to call our cleaning team back to finish a job they started, or clean up a mess they left behind. Our supervisors carefully check every space on your customized checklist to ensure that your office is left spotless.

We clean efficiently and effectively, so we aren’t in your way longer than necessary.

Our janitorial team is expertly trained to clean your office to your standards as quickly as possible, while still producing great results. We move quickly through your office cleaning Calgary checklist, with little to no disturbances along the way.

We don’t just clean your building - we leave it sparkling.

ComPro’s highly trained team of janitorial cleaners have exceptional standards of their own. We go above and beyond the bare minimum, so our clients feel comfortable in their regularly cleaned and maintained office. With years of experience cleaning commercial spaces under our belt, there is nothing we can’t do. We promise that our janitorial services will leave impress you. No matter the size of the job, our clients can rest assured that there space will sparkle when we are finished.

There is no job we can’t tackle!

We only hire experienced cleaners, because we want the best for our clients. Aside from their previous experience, every member of our janitorial team passes ComPro’s intense initial training. Employers can rest easy knowing that ComPro cleaners can tackle any commercial cleaning task that comes their way.

Our team is pleasant, polite and respectful.

There’s nothing worse than rude workers in your personal or professional space. Our janitorial team is hand-picked for professionality, politeness, and experience. We only send the best cleaners to your office space, so you receive only the best results.

Our team is thoroughly background checked, so employers don’t have to worry about who might be working in their office after hours.

Some employers prefer that our janitors work after their employees have left for the day. ComPro only hires new cleaners after they have passed an intensive interview and screening process, and have provided clean background checks. This is the only way we can prove to our clients that their office is safe with us, no matter the scheduled cleaning time.

We clean when it’s convenient for you.

Nights, evenings, mornings or weekends - pick the time that is best for you, and our team can accommodate it! We want our clients to feel comfortable with the schedule they choose, and with the work that will be completed.

ComPro is flexible when you need to reschedule.

ComPro understands that even commercial or office spaces are just as important as private places, like your home. We offer flexible schedules for those clients who prefer to be present when our janitors are cleaning. If your usual time just won’t work sometimes, we can reschedule when given adequate notice.

You will never be left waiting for our team to arrive because ComPro respects your schedule.

There’s nothing worse than waiting for someone you have hired to show up. It’s an inconvenience to the client, and it’s rude. Our professional janitorial cleaners always arrive on time at their scheduled time.

Work efficiently in a clean environment thanks to ComPro’s cleaning services!

Studies show that people are exponentially more productive in a clean working environment. A clean environment is a healthy environment. We only want the best for you and your employees.

Create a lasting impression on visitors with your well-maintained office space.

Everyone wants visitors to enjoy their time in your office. A clean working environment signals professionalism. Professionalism helps grow a great reputation. A great reputation brings in new business. If someone enters your office to see a dirty workspace, word will travel fast. Let our janitorial services keep your office clean and fit for company at a moment’s notice.

ComPro's Calgary Janitorial Services Can Be Subscribed To Monthly, Weekly, Daily Or As-Needed

Kitchen Checklist

  • Stove
  • Fridge
  • Cupboards
  • Floor
  • Walls
  • Windows

Bathroom Checklist

  • Floor
  • Rugs
  • Sink
  • Tub
  • Walls
  • Windows

Living Room Checklist

  • Carpet
  • Floor
  • Furniture
  • Lamps
  • Rugs
  • TV

Customized to Your Schedule

Whether you want us there weekdays or weekends, morning, afternoon or hight, we'll be there on your schedule and on time!