Odor Removal Services in Calgary

ComPro understands the importance of smell. In your home or business, smell is often the first thing that visitors notice. Let us help you remove unwanted odors, and maintain a welcoming environment.


We want your guests to feel comfortable in your home or commercial building.

Odors can have a major impact on the way we live and how a guest will evaluate your home or business. While pleasant odors have a very positive effect unpleasant odors can be quite embarrassing and have a negative impact.

Our trained team of professionals can solve any odor problem.

Compro cleaning and restoration have successfully offered odor removal services in Calgary and surrounding areas since 1992. Our certified project managers and technicians have the knowledge and experience to safely remove all unwanted unpleasant odors from your home, business, schools and vehicles.

We won’t just cover up a smell with a quick fix. Our team finds the source of your problem, so they can permanently remove it.

When you hire Compro Cleaning and Restoration for your odor removal requirements we will commence by identifying the source of the odor. Using detection equipment such as ultraviolet lights, moisture probes, thermal imaging equipment and cavity cameras, we can locate and isolate the source. Once we have identified the problem you are provided with a report and a firm price to successfully remove the odor.

We won’t do half the job, or leave your home or business before we find a solution.

We do what is necessary to leave your property smelling fresh. Our team of professionals completes each job they receive. We guarantee that we will finish one job before moving onto the next. Sometimes we need to clean an area before we can determine the exact source of an odor. Lucky for you, ComPro also has a fully trained residential and commercial cleaning team.

At ComPro, we care about our clients and their wellbeing.

Unpleasant smells are distracting, and could signify harmful substances are nearby. Our cleaners will find the source of your smell as quickly as possible.

ComPro only uses quality products to eliminate unpleasant odors, rather than potentially irritating sprays or temporary cover-ups.

Many products available at various retailers claim to have odor removal properties such as spray deodorizers. These products for the most part only mask the odor. In other words, an air freshener will overpower the unwanted odor for a short term. These products do not remove the odor and in many cases can be offensive and irritating to people with sensitivities.

We understand that there is no single “fix-all” formula. Different problems require different solutions.

Compro has a trusted system to identify the best method to perform odor removal services depending on the odor source. Pet odors for example would be treated with environmentally digestive solutions along with extraction services. Smoke odors would be removed by cleaning with environmentally friendly solutions and mechanical removal with appropriate air purification equipment such as hydroxyl technology referred to as “Mother Natures Broom”. To successfully removal of odors, it is important to understanding the source and the best method of removal.

We have a variety of odor-eliminating products, and our trained team knows how to use each one.

Different odors require different solutions, therefore different products. With our variety of quality products, we can fix any odor problem that comes our way. We won’t leave any unsafe or hazardous materials behind - just fresh air!

ComPro is flexible, so we won’t waste your time.

Our clients can choose the time that is best for them to have their unwanted odors removed. We will do our best to accommodate any schedule. Our team is punctual and reliable because customer service is important to us.

We offer a free consultation, so you know exactly what you are getting into before we start working.

ComPro wants our clients to feel comfortable with the work we will perform on their residence or commercial building. Our free consultation provides property owners with crucial information to permanently solve their problem.