Tile & Grout; Concrete Driveways & Sidewalks; Warehouse Flooring

We clean your tiles for less.

As Calgary’s most affordable comprehensive cleaning company, ComPro cleans well, for less. Our tile and grout specialists will leave your home feeling fresh, for less than all of our competitors.

We don’t waste your time because want our customers to be happy with our services.

Don’t waste your time scrubbing your own tiles. Our team of professional cleaners completes jobs quickly and effectively, and to your satisfaction every time. Our services are reliable, and we always arrive on time. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to ComPro. Let us make your tile and grout sparkle, so you have time to focus on more important things!

We provide a free consultation, so you know exactly what you’re getting into.

When you choose ComPro, we provide a free consultation of your tile and grout problem, so you know exactly what to expect from us from the start. We offer basic cleaning services, as well as full restoration packages customized to fit any of your tile and grout needs.

You won’t be surprised by any “hidden fees” because we only sell our customers what they need.

ComPro’s experienced cleaners begin each project with a full analysis of your situation, and a quote upfront. Our team cares about our customers, so we don’t try to sell you anything you don’t need. We create and complete a thorough cleaning checklist with each customer, so everyone has a clear understanding of the expectations. Rest assured that we won’t add any “hidden fees” to your bill after our work is finished.

Our tools are top quality, so we don’t have a problem leaving your home looking cleaner than ever.

Your satisfaction is important to ComPro. To ensure a job well done, we only use the best products and tools available. Your tile and grout will look like new when we are finished with it. All of our products are safe, so you won’t have to worry about your family touching any freshly cleaned surfaces.

We only use environmentally safe cleaning products on your hard-to-clean surfaces.

Hard surfaces, such as grout and concrete, are porous, therefore difficult to clean. Dirt, oil, and other contaminants penetrate the surface. Our environmentally friendly products deep clean these difficult areas.

We can steam clean your bathroom to remove even the toughest dirt.

Our complete tile and grout cleaning package can include steam cleaning to remove the tougher scum, mildew and mould that commonly grows in bathrooms. This type of deep clean is a great alternative to a complete replacement on tubs that are younger than ten years.

Trust our team of specialists to give you the best results.

Our team of experienced cleaners can remove even the toughest grime from your tile and grout. Mineral deposits, deep embedded soil and dirt are a breeze for our cleaners to remove. We do more than just a single clean of your tile and grout. You can choose from a variety of preventative services, such as polishing, tile repairs, and stain remedies.

Choose from a single-service, or ongoing cleaning packages.

Calgary homeowners are typically busy. ComPro can help keep your home clean with regular scheduled cleaning visits. Property owners can choose to include ongoing tile and grout cleaning in their already scheduled visits from our janitorial and residential cleaning staff. While one-time tile and grout cleaning is available to everyone, ongoing cleaning services will keep your property looking great, and will impress your guests.

Proper tile and grout maintenance requires more than your average do-it-yourself cleaning.

While some property owners insist on cleaning their own tiles, there is no way they could meet our standards of clean with do-it-yourself products. Our exceptional products and training promise great results, every time we visit. Clean tiles are long-lasting tiles. Let us take care of your tiles with one of our regularly scheduled cleaning programs.

We can clean or restore any tile and grout problem.

There is no job too big or small for ComPro’s professional cleaners. From basic cleaning, to preventative procedures and colour changes, we can do it all. Hate your tiles? Let us install new ones. Don’t like the colour of your grout? We can change that too. Our team can fix all stains and damages on any tiled surface in your home or business.

Let ComPro increase the value of your home one tile at a time.

A clean home makes for a valuable home. Homeowners often overlook the finer details that can increase the value of their homes. Sometimes your floors, backsplash or bathrooms need a little facelift. For a reasonable investment, we can restore or replace your tiles.

Our cleaners are fully licensed and background checked, so you don’t have to worry about who is on your property.

Some contractors hire workers without any sort of background check or interview process, so customers don’t know what kind of people could be working on their property. ComPro’s team members all pass a thorough interview, screening and background check before being sent to your property. We want our customers to feel safe with our workers on site.

IICRC Certified Supervision

When you book an appointment with us to provide hard surface cleaning, our IICRC certified project managers and technicians will:

Pre inspect all areas and provide a firm price in writing to render the service. 

Apply our environmentally safe cleaning solution pending on surface and soil conditions.

Mechanically power scrub all areas where possible.

Manually agitate all edges, corners and heavily soiled areas

Truck mounted steam pressure wash and recovery system. (SX 12 Hard Surface Cleaning)

Utilize a rinse agent to bring surfaces to a pH balance for extended results.

Post cleaning inspection to ensure complete satisfaction.

Optional: Offer a protective coating based on surface and traffic.

Superior Cleanco Truck-Mounted Cleaning Systems

Note that our SX 12 cleaning system is a dome shaped cleaning tool with spinning jets. The SX 12 is attached to our high pressure water hose providing 200 degree cleaning and vacuum hose on our Cleanco Truck Mounted System. This system will ensure all contaminants and cleaning solutions are safely extracted to our truck mounted unit for safe disposal.

After you have had your tile and grout or hard surface cleaned by Compro Cleaning and Restoration your surfaces such as grout and concrete will be clean and bright once again.

Call us today for an appointment.